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sinful adj
1 characterized by iniquity; wicked because it is believed to be a sin; "iniquitous deeds"; "he said it was sinful to wear lipstick"; "ungodly acts" [syn: iniquitous, ungodly]
2 having committed unrighteous acts; "a sinful person" [syn: unholy, wicked]

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  1. of or relating to sin
  2. morally wrong
  3. evil


of or relating to sin
  • Finnish: syntinen
morally wrong
  • Finnish: epämoraalinen
  • Finnish: paha

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Lady Synful is a Mexican-American female rapper from Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas’s Lady Synful is straight from the city with no pity. The city of “Sin” influenced Synful's tales of life in the hood. With her heartfelt lyrics reflecting everyday life on the streets, struggles at home, and stories of love, Synful's tales cut straight through to the homies and homegirls alike. Her debut album (All or Nothing) was released on Set-Up Shop Productions/Triple X Records in late 2006. Having performed since late 2002, she has continued to polish her skills and toured with superstar artists such as Paul Wall, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Baby Bash, Lil Rob, Frankie J, MC Magic, Mr. Capone-e, and Slow Pain, to name a few. Lady Synful's debut release All or Nothing contained 18 tracks, including the radio hits "West Coast Party" and "Bounce With Me". Both of which were the most requested songs on Las Vegas’s Hot 97.5 Street Fuego radio show (KVEG 97.5 FM). The album featured Doll-E Girl, J.V., Mr. Shadow, Wicked Minds, and Cuete Yeska. In 2008, Lady Synful released a new compilation album, “Lady Synful Presents: The Resurrection”. The Resurrection album brought together for the first time ever, three of the top female Latin Hip-Hop artists on one entire album (Lady Synful, J.V. & Doll-E Girl). The album also marked the return of the top selling general market, Latin female Rap artist to date, J.V. (Soundscan). Synful's tight rap style, flows with ease and stands up to anyone in the Hip-Hop genre.


  • All or Nothing
  • Lady Synful Presents: The Resurrection


  • "BLVD Nights"
  • "Do You Wanna"
  • "Getting Your Paper Right"


  • BLVD Nights
  • Daddy's Lil Gangster


  • Featured on Wicked Minds' Something Wicked This Way Comes DVD

Featured Albums

  • To Know Me Is to Love Me - Doll-E Girl
  • Street Shot Callers - Doll-E Girl
  • Connected for Life - Mister One
  • The 18th Angel - Wicked Minds
  • Latin Rap Oldies - Young Trigger
  • Latina Mix Bonita II - DJ Cazuyo (Japan Release)

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